Earn 20$ Per Day From Google (Step By Step For Beginners)

Earn 20$ Per Day From Google
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I want to share with you step by step how to make around 20 dollars per day from google. This method is 100 % guaranteed. if you want to earn online so read this article and do what I will tell you can reach at least 20 dollars per day. I will share with you everything you need to know the tools, the secrets, what I do everything, so you can be successful with this strategy. I think may help a lot of you to change their lives and to start making money online from home the idea. 

So simply is building a blog a small website monetizing the website and getting traffic what’s nice here is you don’t need to sell anything. you can work from any country. you don’t need a paypal account. you can get your money in your bank account directly in any Country. also you can even work from your mobile phone only. so this method I think is one of the best and it’s almost 100 percent guaranteed for anyone to work with. please just focus well with me don’t miss anything.  Even if you know the idea behind this article. don’t leave it, it’s very important. I will share with you a lot of details idea and tools that will help you make things easy for you. So start this business from today now you know honesty and being honest is one of the main keys here on my website. so to be honest with you in order to reach 20 dollars per day you need to work at least like three or four months.

so the first step in this strategy is to create a website and to be more specific to create a blog and publish some articles. Now you may tell me, I don’t know programming or development. I don’t know how to create websites or blogs. So on just some patience I will show you everything in detail. it takes only five minutes to create a blog. if you go now to my youtube channel. Go to the youtube website. Type “How to Create Blog and Earn Money Online || Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners by Adnan Hashmi” in the video section you will see a video how to create a blog. I explained step by step how to create a blog that looks like this one like my blog like this one here and you can start them publishing articles on it.

Now you may ask me a blog or website requires hosting and I don’t have money can we start for free in this strategy.  simple answer yes. you can start for free so you don’t have any excuse. if you go again to my youtube channel and go to this video here. how to create a free wordpress website? I shared with you three methods to start for free without paying anything. so you can build a wordpress blog totally for free. So this is the first step I think it’s simple is creating a blog.

Now we have the blog step two is to publish some articles. here please focus very well because I will mention some really important tips. you have to know to be successful with this strategy. So your plan now is to publish articles on the blog on your website. The main question here is how I can pick the topics the niche. How to select which articles which topics I want to write about on my blog. Simple answer write about something you love. Simple you love psychology write about Psychology. You love philosophy right about philosophy. you love digital marketing right about digital marketing. you love health and fitness right about health and fitness.

But keep in mind the following two important points. please focus very well now I will give you now two examples.

I you want to write topic about email marketing. So go to any SEO keyword research tool and let’s do this simple search.

keyword research tool

Now you will see now the cpc worldwide globally is 11.45 dollars and competition is Medium. Now your website he may be paying 11.45 dollars per click for topics related to email marketing. while if you are talking about cooking.

keyword research tool

Now you see 0.90 dollars and competition is low. so the topic you choose for your blog is very important. when it comes to earnings when it comes to making money from google adsense or from google. so just keep in mind this tip that the articles or the topics you write about is very important and have a direct effect on your earnings.

Other example, if you are writing about gaming. let’s say you see now cpc is 0.57. you can also select countries like united states to see specifically. so here it’s 1.13. while if you go back to email marketing and click on search in the us. you will see it’s 46 dollars and this is 100 percent real and true.

so just keep in mind that the topics you choose for your articles will affect your earnings directly. but again I tell you do what you love it’s better from doing something that you don’t love you don’t know about just for money. so a small advice does what you love now if the topic you love have a big cpc then it’s perfect it’s up to you or maybe you want to learn about these topics the high cpc topics and right about it’s. But you need some more time and some more hard work to learn about them.

the second important point or tip. you have to know also if you want to make more money with google or from google ads or google adsense is something. we call micro niche blogs. what is this simple example let’s say you want to create a blog about email marketing, digital marketing and online business? digital marketing and online business it’s somehow a broad or a big topic. we have a lot of child topics inside it. you have to go with something called micro niche or micro topic to choose a specific topic.

An example again if you choose email marketing. you can do this go to any keyword tool. search for email marketing here and this tool will help you get keyword ideas and content ideas to write. so you can see here I got like 250 keywords. each of these keywords can be an article and all of them are talking about the same topic email marketing. so this is what we call a micro niche. so specific topic and make all your articles or your blog talking about it so email marketing strategies is an article email marketing software. is an article email marketing best practices

  • email marketing courses
  • how to do email marketing
  • email marketing tutorials for beginners
  • email marketing tools and so on so

all of these keywords are topics related to this main keyword to this main topic.

your blog will be talking about it so when you start your blog today or may be tomorrow. Just focus on publishing content about specific topics related and connected to each other. In this way your blog will get more visitors automatically from google.

so tip number one high cpc keywords now tip number two is micro niche blogs. If you can combine both tips with what you love it will be perfect. so this is step two which is publishing articles and what you have to know you need to publish at least like 10 to 15 articles. So you can get accepted by google to publish ads on your website.

So first of all you create the blog. it’s so simple with wordpress in like five to ten minutes you can create the blog.

So secondly you create some pages

  • privacy policy page
  • Disclaimer
  • Contact Us
  • About Us

This page creates so simple. Go to google website. Type privacy policy page generator and you can easily create page.

And then 30 days to build a good website and add some articles and so on I think 30 days is more than enough to do this. Now someone may ask is there any faster way to do this operation to have a website with google adsense verified. so I can start making money directly. is there anything like this simple answer yes. you can simply buy a blog with content monetized with ads. so you can start directly and make money from day one but the only problem here is you need money to buy this website.

And then you get the traffic and you will make money that’s simple now in order to reach 20 dollars per day you need an average about 5 000 to 10 000 views per day. I know a lot of you like may be eighty percent or ninety percent will not try this even though this method is 100 guaranteed and it works perfectly with a lot of people.  So if you have any question in your mind. Then you can post questions. every other day to answer your questions.

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