How to add APA 7th edition to Endnote

add APA 7th
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Add APA 7th style in EndNote is essential for researchers, academics, and students alike. With APA (American Psychological Association) being one of the most widely used citation styles, ensuring its correct implementation in EndNote streamlines the referencing process and maintains consistency throughout scholarly work.

What is APA 7th?

APA 7th is the latest edition of the APA style guide, providing specific rules and guidelines for formatting citations and references in academic writing. This edition introduces updates to citation formats, including changes to the handling of digital object identifiers (DOIs), URLs, and other aspects to adapt to the evolving landscape of scholarly communication.

EndNote: A Powerful Reference Management Tool

EndNote is a powerful reference management software designed to help researchers organize their references, cite sources, and create bibliographies effortlessly. Widely used in academic and research settings, EndNote simplifies the process of managing references and enhances productivity by automating citation tasks.

Steps to Install APA 7th Style in EndNote

Step 1: Open EndNote

Begin by launching the EndNote application on your computer. Ensure that you have the latest version of EndNote installed to access the most up-to-date citation styles, including APA 7th. If you see that style section, APA 7th does not show. 

Endnode Style

Step 2: Download APA 7th

Go to the endnote website, select download and styles. Given link below

write APA in keyword section. Press enter key

Endnote APA

Download file “APA 7th – American Psychological Association 7th Edition – Annotated with Research Notes” and “APA 7th – American Psychological Association 7th Edition“.

APA 7th File

These file copy and paste into endnote installation path and style folder. show in the figure.

Endnote Installation Path

Step 2: Access the Style Manager

Reopen Endnote Software. click the Bibliography output style, than click Select another style.

Bibliography output style

Appear a new window select APA 7th and click Choose Button.

Choose A Style

Now we can see add endnote APA 7th Style in Bibliography output style and you can use it.


Add APA 7th style in EndNote is a straightforward process that enhances the efficiency and accuracy of citation management for academic and research purposes. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can seamlessly integrate APA 7th formatting into your EndNote workflow, ensuring compliance with the latest citation standards.

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