10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android in 2023

10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android in 2023
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Embarking on the journey of acquiring a pet is deceptively simple—just saunter into a pet emporium, select a furry companion, part with the required funds, and bring your newfound friend home. Yet, navigating the intricacies of pet care proves to be a task not everyone is equipped for. Tending to a pet demands unwavering dedication, a substantial dose of elbow grease, and a plethora of responsibilities.

For those who’ve recently welcomed a four-legged confidant into their lives, understanding the significance of a pet monitoring app becomes paramount. These apps, compatible with both Android and iPhone platforms, offer indispensable features such as remote monitoring, activity tracking, and health alerts.

10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android

Let’s explore the realm of pet monitoring through the lens of the 10 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android. If you’ve recently embraced the companionship of a new pet and seek remote monitoring solutions, delve into our curated guide. The following compendium unveils top-notch pet monitoring apps for Android, ensuring effective surveillance and peace of mind.

1. Barkio


Barkio emerges as an Android marvel catering to every pet owner, especially those with canine companions. Functioning as a comprehensive pet monitoring app, Barkio facilitates dual-device usage—employ one as a recorder and the other as a live video stream viewer. Revel in features like live video observation, communication with your pet, and notifications for your pet’s vocalizations, all without the need for extra equipment.

2. AnyPet Monitor

AnyPet Monitor

Drawing parallels with Barkio, AnyPet Monitor transforms your old or idle smartphone/tablet into a vigilant security camera. Repurpose your secondary device into a surveillance tool, eliminating the need for costly pet monitoring hardware. Experience live captures on your primary phone, featuring functionalities like hearing your pet’s bark, two-way communication, and even Night Vision for nocturnal pet monitoring.

3. Clio


While not in the limelight, Clio stands tall as a top-tier pet tracking app on the Google Play Store. Diverging from traditional pet monitoring apps, Clio positions itself as a comprehensive pet care tracker. Unveil features such as nutrition tracking, activity logs, and behavioral insights, making it an invaluable tool for pet health management.

4. Pet Parents

Exemplifying a well-crafted pet care app for Android, Pet Parents offers a centralized hub for all your pet-related records. Beyond being a mere monitoring app, it allows meticulous tracking of vaccinations, health reports, and more. Seamlessly blend monitoring with record-keeping, making Pet Parents a go-to app for comprehensive pet management.

5. PetNote


In tandem with the ethos of Pet Parents, PetNote excels in consolidating your pet’s conditions, notes, and expenditures in one convenient platform. Included in the list of premier pet monitoring apps, PetNote ensures vigilant observation of your pet’s well-being. The added diary feature permits documentation of memorable incidents and expense management.

6. Tractive GPS

Tractive GPS
Tractive GPS

Positioned as a cat and dog monitoring app for Android, Tractive GPS safeguards your pet’s well-being. This app proves to be an ideal companion for pets equipped with GPS trackers. Monitor your pet’s location in real-time, receive health alerts, and promote their fitness—all contingent on a dedicated GPS tracker device available on the official website.

7. PetCam App

Tailored for dog monitoring, PetCam App transforms your smartphone, tablet, or desktop into a live video streaming hub for keeping in touch with your furry companion. This two-device system allows remote observation, enabling features like communication with your pet, video recording, and more.

8. DogLog

Presenting itself as the ultimate dog care app, DogLog alleviates the stresses of dog ownership. Track your dog’s health, coordinate daily tasks, and manage training routines. Whether you have a puppy or a seasoned companion, DogLog proves to be an indispensable tool with features like health logs, reminders for vaccinations, and symptom documentation.

9. Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs

In harmony with apps like Tractive GPS, Tracki Pet GPS for Dogs relies on a dedicated GPS tracker device. Acquire insights from the data collected by the tracker, manage geo zones, and share your pet’s location. This app seamlessly integrates with the TrackiPet tracker device available on the official website.

10. Dogibo

Revitalize your old Android smartphone by transforming it into a dedicated AI Pet camera with Dogibo. Installation of the Dogibo Cam app on your retired device, paired with connection to your primary phone, opens up a realm of remote pet monitoring. Benefit from features like remote communication, notifications on behavioral changes, and even soothing music playback.

In conclusion, explore these top-tier pet monitoring apps for Android, readily available on the Google Play Store. Most importantly, these apps offer a free download and usage experience. If you have any additional recommendations for pet monitoring apps, share your insights in the comments below. Your journey to vigilant pet care starts here.

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