Toshiba Laptop FN Keys Not Functioning on Windows 10, 8, or 7

Toshiba Laptop FN Keys Not Functioning
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In this article, we discuses the topic Toshiba Laptop FN Keys Not Functioning on windows 10 or other windows operating system. we specialize in computer and laptop repairs. Today, we tackled the task of formatting a Toshiba Satellite Z830 Ultrabook, equipped with a speedy 120GB SSD. Our predicament emerged after installing the 64-bit Windows 10 Professional version. Despite installing all the necessary drivers, we encountered an issue where none of the Fn (function key) keys were working. It took us over an hour to discover the solution. Are you facing a similar problem? Let’s get it resolved!

Restoring FN Key Functionality on Toshiba Laptops

We invested considerable time in rectifying the Fn key issue, but you won’t have to. We’ll provide you with the correct solution (though we can’t guarantee it will work for everyone worldwide). On Toshiba’s official support website for the Z830 laptop, we installed every driver available, but the Fn keys remained unresponsive. After conducting an in-depth investigation, we realized that we had overlooked a crucial Toshiba software called the “Toshiba Value Added Package.”

Downloading and Installing the “Toshiba Value Added Package”

To begin, visit the support and download webpage for your specific Toshiba laptop model and download the “Toshiba Value Added Package.” In our case, it was the Portege Satellite Z830 model. We located the appropriate support and download page, downloaded the “Toshiba Value Added Package,” and It worked.

To witness the effect, restart your computer first. After the restart, pressing the Fn key will display a graphical interface at the top of your laptop screen (though some models may not display this). Given the software’s name, we couldn’t initially fathom its purpose, and that’s why we initially omitted it. However, it is crucial for the proper functioning of the Fn key! We hope that Toshiba might consider renaming this software in the future. We also hope that you have managed to resolve the issue. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

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