Install GCC on Ubuntu 22.04: A Step-by-Step Guide

Install GCC on Ubuntu 22.04: A Step-by-Step Guide
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GCC, also known as the GNU Compiler Collection, is a suite of development tools and compilers that can be utilized on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, BSDs, and many other operating systems. GCC supports the compilation of several programming languages, such as C, Objective C, C++, D, Go, Ada, and Fortran. This software is freely available and was originally developed by the Free Software Foundation (FSF).

Here, we provide a step-by-step guide on how to install GCC on the latest release of Ubuntu, Ubuntu 22.04.

How to Install GCC on Ubuntu 22.04

If you wish to install GCC on Ubuntu 22.04, follow the guide below.

Step 1: Update Your System

Before installing GCC, ensure that your Ubuntu 22.04 system is up to date by running the following command. This update is essential to ensure that all relevant packages are current and to prevent any potential conflicts.

sudo apt update

Step 2: Install build-essential (including GCC)

The build-essential package is a meta-package that includes various tools necessary for software compilation. It also incorporates GCC and other essential development tools. To install build-essential, execute the following command:

sudo apt install build-essential

Step 3: Verify the Installed GCC Version

After installing build-essential, you can confirm the version of GCC installed on your Ubuntu 22.04 system by checking its version. Run the following command:

gcc --version

You will receive output confirming the installed GCC version. For example, it may display “GCC 11.2.0,” indicating that GCC version 11.2.0 has been successfully installed on your Ubuntu 22.04 system.

With these steps, you have successfully installed GCC on your Ubuntu 22.04 system, enabling you to use this powerful compiler for your development needs.

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